Chus Gutiérrez


Chus Gutiérrez is a film director and screenwriter. She studied at the City College of New York. Upon her arrival to Madrid, she worked as assistant director for Joaquín Jordá and took part in the music group Xoxonees.

In 1992, she released ‘Sublet’, her first feature film, shot in New York with Icíar Bollaín and produced by Fernando Trueba PC at the San Sebastian Film Festival. She was granted the Best Opera Prima Award by the Film Writers Circle, the “Caracola de Oro” at the Alcances Film Showcase (Cadiz) and was nominated for the Goya Awards.

Her next film, “Sexo Oral” (1994), is an experiment in which anonymous people talk about their sexuality. Its theatrical release became an event for being one of the first commercially distributed documentaries. It was followed by “Alma gitana” (1995), starring Pedro Alonso and Amara Carmona.

In 1997, she released the comedy “Insomnio”, produced by Boca a Boca and starring Candela Peña, Ernesto Alterio, Cristina Marcos and Fele Martínez. Two years later, she directed the TV series “Ellas son así” (1999), produced by Telecinco and starring María Barranco, Maribel Verdú, Neus Asensi and María Adanez. That very year she was given the Meridiana Award by the Malaga Women Institute.

“Poniente” (2001) is a film about immigration in Almeria’s greenhouses. Selected for the Venice and Toronto Festivals, it took part in several showcases all over the world. In 2003, she played a role in the film ‘Te Doy Mis Ojos’, by Icíar Bollaín. The following year she took part in the film “Hay motivo”, with the short film “Adolescentes”, in which students criticize their unattended public education system. She also directed the segment “Las siete alcantarillas” (2004) and the group-created documentary “En el mundo a cada rato”, co directed along with Patricia Ferreira, Pere Joan Ventura, Javier Corcuera and Javier Fesser.

In 2005, she released “El calentito”, a film set during Madrid’s “Movida” and starring Verónica Sánchez, Macarena Gómez and Ruth Díaz. Produced by Telespan, the film received the Platinum Award for Best Film at the Montecarlo Comedy Film Festival.

“Retorno a Hansala” (2008), produced by Muac Films and Maestranza Films and starring Jose Luis García Pérez and Farah Hamed, was given the Jury’s Special Award at the Valladolid Festival. It was selected for the Toronto Festival and won the Golden Pyramid at the Cairo Festival, as well as the International Critics’ Choice Award at Cairo’s Fipresci and the Audience’s Choice Award at the Tanger Festival. It was also nominated for three Goya Awards for Best New Actress, Best Original Song and Best Screenplay, as well as Best Screenplay and Best Direction at the 2009 Guadalajara Film Festival. It has taken part in numerous film festivals and showcases all over the world.

In 2012 and 2014 she shot “Ciudad Delirio”, “Droga Oral” and “Sacromonte, Los Sabios de la Tribu”. “Ciudad Delirio” was the opening film of the Cartagena Film Festival and also took part at the Montreal and Busan Festival.

In 2020, she released her last work “Rol & Rol”, a documentary about women representation in film and mass media. It was selected for the 2020 Malaga and Seminci festivals.

She has also had a wide career as an educator by giving lectures at film schools and universities such as Carlos III or Camilo José Cela. She’s a founding partner and vicepresident of CIMA between 2006 and 2010.