Pilar Palomero


Born in Zaragoza, Pilar graduated in Hispanic Philology at the Zaragoza University in 2003. In 2006, she graduated in Cinematography at the Madrid Film School (ECAM).

In 2009 she directed ‘Niño Balcón’, a short film that had a long run at both national and international festivals, receiving more than 25 awards and 150 selections, such as the Malaga Film Festival, the Huesca Film Festival, the Warsaw Film Festival, the Saint Louis International Film Festival and the Puchon International Film Festival.

During that period, Pilar combined her film projects with her work as a TV screenwriter and as co-writer for the feature film ‘Chacho’, by Bolivian director Diego Mondaca, recently screened at the 2020 Rotterdam Film Festival. She also worked as a Photography and Screenwriting teacher.

Her professional career took a great leap in 2013 when she was one of the 16 filmmakers selected by Hungarian director Béla Tarr to take part in his collaborative project Film Factory in Sarajevo (Bosnia-Herzegovina). There she had the chance to work and learn about filmmaking from some of the most important critics, directors and theorics in the contemporary industry, like Gus Van Sant, Carlos Reygadas, Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Pedro Costa, Cristian Mungiu, Guy Maddin, Tilda Swinton, Juliette Binoche, Gael García Bernal, Jean-Michel Frodon, Rasha Salti, Thierry Garrel, Jonathan Rosenbaum or Jytte Jensen.

During this period, she wrote and directed the short films ‘Noc’ (2015) and ‘La Noche de Todas las Cosas (2016), the latter produced by Inicia Films and developed within NISI MASA’s European Short Pitch, which took part, among others, in the official section of the Busan International Short Film Festival. She has also directed the featurette ‘Zimsko Sunce’ (2017), which received a special mention at the BiH Films at the Sarajevo Film Festival and had its Spanish premiere at the 2017 Alcala de Henares Film Festival and the Márgenes Festival. She also directed the creative documentary ‘Horta’ (2017), which opened at the Doclisboa’17 and was selected at the DocumentaMadrid, D’A Auteur Film Festival, Malaga Film Festival and London’s Contemporary Arts Institute’s Frame of Representation.

In 2020, Pilar released her first feature film, ‘Las Niñas’, at the Malaga Film Festival, for which she was granted the ‘Biznaga de Oro’ for Best Film. After this festival, it was theatrically released to critical and commercial success. After its premiere, it has received numerous accolades and recognition, such as 4 Goya Awards (Best Film, Best New Director, Best Original Screenplay and Best Cinematography). The film, produced by Inicia Films and Bteam, was also granted several Feroz and Forqué Awards, as well as several accolades in different international film festivals and showcases.

Pilar has also taken part at the Berlinale Talents in 2016 and 2021 and Sarajevo Talents 2016.

She is a member of the film association BISTRIK7.

She is currently coursing the Residencies of the Film Arts Academy to develop her next project, ‘La Maternal’, which will be produced again by Inical Films and Bteam Pictures.