Jorge Laplace director and scriptwriter

Jorge Laplace


Jorge Laplace (1981, Jerez), graduated in Media Communication in Seville. He also coursed a Master’s Degree at the Barcelona Autonomous University and the Screenwriter Program at the New York Film Academy (NYC). He’s an awarded screenwriter and director, whose works “Alfred&Anna” (2013) and “30 años de Oscuridad” (2012) have been nominated for Best Animation Short Film and Best Documentary at the Goya Awards.

In 2013, Jorge was granted the Andalusian Price of the Future, given by Bankia, for Best Young Artist in Andalusia. His work as a screenwriter has gathered, throughout 20 years, 28 international awards and more than 200 selections at the world’s most important festivals: Cannes, San Sebastian, Amsterdam’s IDFDA or the Brooklyn Film Fest.

23 Disparos (2017), his first full-length documentary as a director, produced by ADM and first released at the Malaga Festival, was given the Iris Award by the Television Academy, the Imagenera Award for Best Documentary at the Seville European Film Festival and Best Documentary at the ASECAN Awards and the New Andalusian Film Festival. Its television release was a national trending topic.

Equipo D: Los códigos olvidados (2019), his next feature film as a director, was released at Valladolid’s Seminci and was granted the Asecan Award at the Andalusian Film Awards. It also received the InDocumentari Price for Best Documentary in 2020.

His docuseries “Carolina Marín: puedo porque pienso que puedo” (2020) is a project wrote by Jorge and Produced by Buendia Studios for Amazon Prime Video, it’s about an Olympic and three-time world badminton champion. It has had a worldwide release.

100 días con la Tata, is a feature documentary that Jorge co-wrote with Miguel Ángel Muñoz, the film has had a great acceptance in the industry, nominated for the Goya Awards and has won the award for best documentary at the Forqué Awards and best new director and best documentary at the Awards of the Cinema Writers Circle Awards of Spain.

In 2022 he premieres Locomía, with the biggest non-fiction audience success of Movistar + and 30 Días para ganar, nominated for the Emmy Awards for Best Sports documentary. His latest feature documentary is La Absoluta for VIX + Original.

– Forqué Awards (2021): Best Documentary Award for “100 DÍAS CON LA TATA”
– Nomination for the Film and Values Education Award by “100 DÍAS CON LA TATA”.
– Platino Awards (2021): Nomination for Best Documentary for “100 DÍAS CON LA TATA”
– ALMA Awards (2022): Nomination for best documentary feature for “100 DÍAS CON LA TATA”

Spanish film arts and sciences academic. Speciality:
– Screenplay.
– Television arts and sciences academic

– ‘Andaluz del futuro’ Award, granted by Bankia and Grupo Joly for Best Young Andalusian Artist in 2013.
– 2012 Talentia Scholarship for the study of two feature film screenplays (Gran Canyon and Jack Splat).
– 2006 Training Improvement Scholarship to course the Film and Television Screenplay International Master’s Programme at Barcelona Autonomous University.