Gigi Romero director and scriptwriter

Gigi Romero


Gigi Romero is a Hispanic-Venezuelan director and screenwriter, specializing in the psychological horror genre.

She is currently developing the script for her debut feature film La Cura, which was selected for the I Residencia Fantástica WOMANINFAN at the Sitges Film Festival and previously at COOFILM, a residency program for female filmmakers. Additionally, she was the winner of the IX edition of DAMA Ayuda, with guidance from Alberto Marini.

Simultaneously, she is working on the script for Las Desgraciadas, which was selected for the CANNES TALENT UNLIMITED residencies by Canal + and The Black List.

Gigi Romero has earned recognition for her work, including the OpenECAM award for Best Direction at the Notodofilmfest. Her previous short films have been selected at prestigious festivals such as Sitges, ZINEBI, Screamfest, and the Semana de Terror de Estepona, where she won an award for Together, which starred Asier Etxeandía.

She was also recognized as one of the 50 female directors to watch in the horror genre by the American cultural website Flavorwire, highlighting her significance in the film industry.

Gigi Romero is a member of CIMA (Association of Women Filmmakers and Audiovisual Media) and DAMA (Audiovisual Media Rights).

Selection of La Cura in the I Fantástica WOMANINFAN Residency – SITGES FANLAB at the Sitges Film Festival.

Selection of the project Las Desgraciadas in the Talent Unlimited residencies in Cannes.

Selection of La Cura within the DAMA Ayuda program for the development of feature film scripts.

Nadie #3 wins the OpenECAM Award for Best Direction and the AM Escuela Award for Best Sound at the Notodofilmfest – Fotogramas.

Together, winner of the International Horror Week in Estepona.