Eduardo Navarro director and scriptwriter

Eduardo Navarro


Eduardo Navarro (1975, Montevideo) is an Italian-Uruguayan film and TV screenwriter. He has worked in Uruguay, Mexico and Spain. He graduated in Media Communication at the Montevideo Catholic University as well as Film Screenplay Writing at City of Mexico’s Film School.

His love for the soap opera genre led him to choose Mexico for his college exchange. For this reason, in 1999 he flew to Mexico to take his last course at Santa Fe’s Latin American University. It’s there where he got in touch with professors linked to the film and TV industry. He started his career by working as an art assistant, later specializing in screenwriting. That was how he took his first steps as a member of the writing team for the soap opera “La Vida en el Espejo” by Argos Comunicación for TV Azteca.

He continued his career in Spain, with the production company Globomedia, as a screenwriter for shows such as “Anónimos”, “¿Sabes más que un niño de primaria?”, “Date el Bote” and the sitcom “La Tira”. He was also one of the writers for “El calendario del año” by 3Koma in Bilbao and “La Jaula” by Gestmusic in Barcelona.

Back in Montevideo (Uruguay), he worked as a screenplay writer for several Canal 10’s shows such as “Lo mejor de lo mejor”, “Todos estamos conectados” and “El delivery Solidario”.

In Montevideo, he started collaborating with the media department of Laboratorios Roche, for which he created breast cancer awareness campaigns. Among them, he wrote and directed the stage play “Los mismos ojos”, where a mother and her daughter go through this illness. The play was performed at Teatro del Anglo in Montevideo and Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral in Santiago de Chile.

In 2016 he was awarded the “Fondo Audiovisual de la Intendencia de Montevideo” for his fiction project “Rotos y Descosidos”, where real couples’ statements are combined with fictional characters. The series was produced by Aceituna Films and broadcast in 2017 by the Uruguayan National Television Channel.

In 2019, he based himself again in Madrid, where he co-wrote the screenplay for the film “Explota Explota”, a musical featuring Rafaella Carrá’s songs, produced by Tornasol and financed by TVE, Universal and Amazon Prime. The film had its avant premiere at the 2020 San Sebastian Festival (September) and it was released in Spain in October.

In 2020 he developed the talent show “Telenovela Star Factory” for Spanglish Producciones. A combination of a fiction and talent show, it features a contest where actors are trained for a weekly recorded soap opera. The number of minutes on air depends on their determination and the decision of a specialized jury. The ones that can’t take their roles will go into a coma. If their bad performances continue, they will be fictionally killed.

He is currently collaborating as a writer for projects for Tornasol Media, Bowfinger International Pictures and Mediaset España.