Bruno Ascenzo director and screenwriter

Bruno Ascenzo


After twenty years as a film, theater and television actor, he stopped standing in front of the camera lens to start looking through it.

Back to School, his first film as a screenwriter and director, became and continues to be the second most watched national title in the history of Peruvian cinema. More than one million seven hundred thousand people went to the cinema.

How to Get Over a Breakup, a film he co-directed, was the first Peruvian film to be acquired and presented to the world as a Netflix original.

He wrote and directed Until we meet again (Backpackers), the first Peruvian film produced by Netflix in Peru. The worldwide premiere was in 2022.

Regarding the TV Series, he co-directed Un Día Eres Joven, released in Latin America by Movistar; and Raúl with Soledad, a web series made in the middle of the pandemic and which was released as a feature film in Peruvian cinemas.

As a theater director, he translated, adapted and directed the musical In The Heights, by Lin Manuel Miranda. He was also in front of the Argentine comedy Dos más Dos and the Broadway play An Act of God. 

As a screenwriter, he wrote Locos de Amor 1 and Locos de Amor 2, films that brought more than two million people to theaters and then landed on Netflix. In open signal, he wrote and starred the two seasons of the series This Society, the series Operación Rescate, Ferrando and Placeres y Tentaciones, and the soap operas Ana Cristina and Corazón de Fuego.

In 2023, he released Tell me what you want, for the Vix + platform. He is currently developing a feature film for No Dancing today.