Vicente Villanueva director and scriptwriter

Vicente Villanueva


Vicente Villanueva is a film director and screenwriter. His long career as a short filmmaker has earned him more than 150 awards at different festivals. His short films include El futuro está en el porno (2005), Heterosexuales y casados (2008), La rubia de pinos puente (2009), and Meeting with Sarah Jessica (2013).

In 2011 he made his feature film debut with Lo contrario al amor, produced by Antena 3 and Zeta Audiovisual and starring Adriana Ugarte and Hugo Silva.

In 2015 he released Nacida para ganar, produced by Tornasol Films and TVE and starring Alexandra Jiménez, Cristina Castaño and Victoria Abril.

In 2017 he released Toc Toc, produced by Warner Bros. Pictures, Atresmedia and La Zona. Starring Paco León, Rossy De Palma, Alexandra Jimenez, Oscar Martinez, Adrián Lastra, Nuria Herrero and Inma Cuevas. In its theatrical run, the film was seen by more than 1 MILLION viewers.

In 2018, he is directing four episodes of the TV series, Señoras del (H)ampa, for Producciones Mandarina/Mediaset and in 2019 another four episodes. Starring Toni Acosta, Malena Alterio, Mamen García and Nuria Herrero.

In 2020 he directs the film Sevillanas de Brooklyn produced by Capitán Araña, Pecado Films and RTVE. Starring Carolina Yuste, Sergio Momo, Estefanía De Los Santos and Manolo Solo.

In 2021 he directs the film El juego de las llaves, produced by Nadie Es Perfecto, Warner Bros. Pictures and Atresmedia. Starring Eva Ugarte, Ricard Farré, Miren Ibarguren, Tamar Novas, María Castro, Dani Tatay, Fernando Guallar and Justina Bustos.

In 2022 he directs the second season of the series Supernormal, for Movistar, starring Miren Ibarguren and Diego Martín.

In 2023 he premieres La ternura, Emma Suárez plays Queen Esmeralda, and Alexandra Jiménez and Anna Moliner, her daughters. On the male side, Gonzalo De Castro plays the father who, for 20 years, has been living with his offspring (Fernando Guallar and Carlos Cuevas) on a desert island, far from women.

In his films he has always shown his own personal style and a great ability for the creation of characters, whom he has shaped with great actors direction.

– Best Screenplay and Best Director Award at Cortogenia Festival. 2013

“LA RUBIA DE PINOS PUENTE”. Shortfilm. 2009
– Best Short Film Award at the Almería International Film Festival. 2009
– Audience Award at Malaga Film Festival. 2010

– Nominated for Best Short Film at the Alcalá de Henares Short Film Festival. 2008
– Special Jury Award for Best Short Film at the 21st Medina del Campo Week 2008.

“MARIQUITA CON PERRO”. Shortfilm. 2007
– Lobo to the best script in the International Festival of short films La Boca del Lobo 2007.

“ERES”. Shortfilm. 2006
– Best Short Film Award at the Almería International Film Festival. 2006

“EL FUTURO ESTÁ EN EL PORNO”. Shortfilm. 2005
– Best Short Film Award at the Alcalá de Henares Short Film Festival. 2006
– Lobo to the best script at the International Short Film Festival La Boca del Lobo 2005.