Nicolás Casariego guionista

Nicolás Casariego


Born in Madrid in 1970, Nicolás Casariego is not just a writer but also a seasoned screenwriter weaving captivating narratives for the silver screen. His storytelling prowess extends from the pages of novels to the dynamic world of cinema.

Casariego made his literary debut with Dime cinco cosas que quieres que te haga (Tell Me Five Things You Want Me to Do to You), a precursor to his exploration into the cinematic landscape. His novel Cazadores de luz (Light Hunters) emerged as a finalist for the Nadal Prize in 2005, showcasing his ability to craft compelling stories that transcend mediums. Antón Mallick quiere ser feliz, translated into English by Hispabooks, further solidified his literary footprint.

Beyond novels, Casariego’s creativity shines in various literary forms, from short stories to essays or as the children’s series Marquitos. His contributions to newspapers such as El País, El Mundo, and ABC, as well as magazines like Sibila, Letras Libres, El Estado Mental, and Words Without Borders, reveal a versatile writer with a keen understanding of diverse genres. His reflections on travel, found in the El Viajero supplement of El País, provide a glimpse into the inspirations that fuel his storytelling.

As a filmmaker, Casariego doesn’t just pen stories; he brings them to life on the big screen. His cinematic journey began with the film script Y decirte una estupidez, por ejemplo, te quiero” (And Tell You a Stupid Thing, for Example, I Love You), followed by ¿Tú qué harías por amor? (What Would You Do for Love?). Both films, adaptations of novels by his brother Martín, were co-written with Martín and his brother Antón.

Collaborating with Jaime Marques, Casariego co-wrote the film script Intruders, directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo and starring Clive Owen, Carice van Houten, Pilar López de Ayala, and Daniel Brühl. This marked his venture into the world of suspense and intrigue.

His latest filmed script, La sociedad de la nieve (The Society of Snow), co-written with J. A. Bayona, Jaime Marques, and Bernat Villaplana, takes audiences on a gripping cinematic journey. Directed by Bayona, the film premiered at the Venice Film Festival, earning accolades, including the Audience Award at the San Sebastián Festival. Its nomination for prestigious awards like the Oscars 2024, Goya Awards, and Golden Globes underscores Casariego’s impact in the cinematic realm, where his storytelling prowess continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

– Nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay for Goya Spanish Academy Awards.
– Nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay for Cinema Writers Circle Awards, Spain.

– Nominated for Best Foreign Film for Oscar Awards, United States
– Nominated for Best Picture Non-English Speaking Language for Golden Globe Awards, United States
– Nominated for Films Not in the English Language for BAFTA Awards, Great Britain
– Nominated for Best Foreign Language Film for the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards, United States
– Nominated for Best International Picture for Washington DC Área Film Critics Association Awards, United States
– Nominated for Best International Picture for Las Vegas Film Critics Society Awards, United States
– Nominated for Outstanding International Motion Picture for NAACP Image Awards, United States
– Nominated for Best International Feature for Astras Film Awards, Australia
– Nominated for Best European Film for Gaudí Awards, Cataluña, Spain
– Nominated for Best Spanish Film for Fotogramas de Plata Awards, Spain

– Audience Award “Ciudad de Donostia”, 71ª Festival de San Sebastián, Spain
– Audience Award, Miami GEMS Film Festival 2023, United States
– Audience Award, Mile Valley Film Festival, United States
– Best International Picture, Middleburg Film Festival, United States
– Best Spanish Film Premio, RNE Sant Jordi Awards, Cataluña, Spain

“CAZADORES DE LUZ”. Novel. Destino, 2005
– Award finalist, PREMIO NADAL 2005, Spain