Nerea Barros directora y guionista

Nerea Barros


“MEMORIA” Short film – Dir. Nerea Barros. Debut film. Filmin. 2021.
   – Official candidate for Best Documentary Short Film at the Goya Awards 2022.
   – CREA Award to the Best Galician Direction. Curtocircuito. International Film Festival 2022
   – Galicia Award. Curtocircuito. International Film Festival 2022
   – Pávez Awards for Best National Film, Best Direction, Best Cinematography and Best Editing at the Festival Nacional de Cortometrajes de Talavera de la Reina 2022.
   – Best Cinematography and Golden Eagle Award from the Red Cross Jury at Aguilar Film Festival 2021.

“2020” Documentary – Hernán Zin and Nerea Barros. 2021
   – Winner of the Iberoamerican Festival of Huelva 2021.

“57 DÍAS” Short film – Producer, co-writer and editor. 2020
   – Winner of the Flicker Fest Australia 2021 (qualified for the Oscars), released by New York Times 2021.
   – Official Documentary Section at the Elche International Independent Film Festival (2021).
   – Best Documentary Short Film Award at the Valladolid SEMINCI (2020).

“DYING TO TELL” Documentary. Netflix. 2018
   – First Prize in the Official Section “Documentaries of the World” at the Montreal Film Festival 2018.
   – Winner of the Documentary section of the SEMNICI 2018.
   – Official Selection of the 21st edition of the Shanghai Film Festival.

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