Menna Fité director y guionista


Menna Fité directs fiction.

He loves character stories: understanding and explaining the joys, pettiness, bravery and contradictions of human beings.

He was the sole director of Las invisibles for Morena Films and Viacom and Merlí. Sapere Aude for Movistar+.

He has directed episodes of Elite (Season 7)  and Welcome to Eden for Netflix. Presumed Guilty for Antena3 TV and Victim Number Eight for Telemadrid and Euskal Televista, currently on Netflix.

He was co-director of Merlí and Night and Day for TV3, both currently on Prime.

He has directed the first chapter of the author’s series Asfalt for the 3CAT platform, shot on a virtual set with cutting-edge LED technology.

Previously, he was Assistant Director to Eduard Cortés, Juan Antonio Bayona, Álvaro Fernández Armero, Miguel Albadalejo, Jesús Font, Juanjo Jiménez, Sílvia Quer, Joaquín Oristrell, Iñaki Peñafiel, Xavier Bermúdez, Adán Aliaga, Pablo García, Inma Torrent, Manuel Tera, Enric Folch, Javier Quintas, Álvaro Ron, Alberto Aranda, Pau Freixas, Rafa Montesinos, Gerardo Gormezano, Mateo Meléndrez…

Today he is financing his first feature film and writing his second.


"ÉLITE"​ (Temporada 7)