Menna Fité director y guionista

Menna Fité


Menna Fité is a director who has a deep passion for character-driven stories. He enjoys understanding and portraying the joys, pettiness, courage, and contradictions of human beings.

As a director, Menna Fité has worked on “Las invisibles” for Morena Films and Viacom, as well as “Merlí. Sapere Aude” for Movistar+. He has also directed episodes for various series, including “Élite” (Season 7) for Netflix, “Bienvenidos a Edén” for Netflix, “Presunto Culpable” for Antena3 TV, and “La víctima número ocho” for Telemadrid and Euskal Telebista. Additionally, she was a co-director for “Merlí” and “Nit I dia” for TV3.

Menna Fité has also contributed as a co-writer for the series “Bojos per Moliére,” which was written and directed by Héctor Lozano.

Before establishing himself as a director, she gained experience as an Assistant Director, working with several notable directors such as Eduard Cortés, Juan Antonio Bayona, Álvaro Fernández Armero, and more.

His diverse background includes being a television producer, philosophy graduate, set builder, props assistant, wardrobe assistant, documentary director, camera assistant, studio assistant, Steady-Cam assistant, film teacher, electrician, shop assistant, advertising distributor, waiter, poster hanger, market stall vendor, driver, painter, and many other roles she may not recall.

Today, Menna Fité is actively developing his own projects for both film and television, and it seems that things are going quite well for him.