Marina Seresesky


Marina Seresesky is an Argentine director, screenwriter and actress based in Spain. She is currently preparing his third fiction feature “EMPIEZA EL BAILE”, whose screenplay won the Julio Alejandro Prize awarded by the SGAE Foundation, and several television series projects of his own authorship.

In the summer of 2019, “LO NUNCA VISTO”, a fiction feature film starring Carmen Machi and Pepón Nieto, was released in theaters, among others.

Her first feature film as director, “LA PUERTA ABIERTA” premiered on September 2, 2016 in Spanish theaters. The film has two nominations for the Goya Awards of Spanish Cinema 2017. In addition, it won more than 30 awards at different festivals around the world, highlighting the Best Screenplay at the FICG of Guadalajara (Mexico), Best Film, Best Screenplay and Best Actress at the Alicante Film Festival, Audience Award at the Transylvania International Film Festival (Romania), Best Screenplay and Audience Award at the Antalya International Film Festival (Turkey) and European Grand Jury Prize at the Mons International Film Festival (Belgium).

Her latest short film, “LA BODA”, was nominated in the Goya Awards 2013 in the category of Best Fiction Short Film, in addition to collecting a long national and international record.

In 2012, the documentary “MADRES, 0’15 EL MINUTO”, received a Silver Biznaga at the 14th Malaga Spanish Film Festival with “EL CORTEJO” won more than 120 awards at festivals inside and outside our borders, having been shortlisted for Goya for the best short film 2011.

“EMPIEZA EL BAILE”. Feature Film. Meridional Produccions. Áralan Films, Oeste Films.
Julio Alejandro de Guión Award by the SGAE Foundation. (In preparation).
“LO NUNCA VISTO”, feature films, Solomon Solon A.I.E (2018).
“LAS MIL VIDAS”. Feature film. Screenwriter.
“RECUERDA LA MUERTE”. Feature film. Screenwriter.
“EL CONTINENTAL”, screenwriter, Tv, (2017).
Nesspresso advertising campaign, “UNA NUEVA VIDA”, lead Marta Etura.

“LA PUERTA ABIERTA”. Feature film. Coproduced by Meridional Producciones, Chester Media Producciones, Stop & Play Europa, Babilonia Films, MilCiclos with the collaboration of Telemadrid. Opened in theatres in Spain on September 2nd 2016.
Nominated to the Goya Awards 2017: Best Leading Actresss (Carmen Machi) and Best Supporting Actress (Terele Pávez).
Three nominations for the Feroz Awards (Best Leading Actress, Best Supporting Actress and Best Comedy Film).
Nomination for Carmen Machi, as Best Leading Actress in the Forqué Awards.
Three nominations for the CEC Awards (Best New Director, Best Leading Actress and Best Supporting Actress).
Nomination for the ASECAN Awards of Andalusian Cinema for Best Film with Non-Andalusian Production.
Three nominations for the Actors Union Awards as Best Leading Actress, Best Secondary Actress and Best Secondary Actor.
Silver Frame Nomination for Best Leading Actress.

Selected in more than 70 National and International Festivals where she won more than 30 awards in which they stand out:
31 FICG in Guadalajara. México. Best Screenplay. (March 2016).
20th Sofia International Film Festival. Bulgaria. (March 2016).
23rd Annual San Diego Latino Film Festival. USA (March 2016).
32nd Chicago Latino Film Festival. USA (April 2016).
Amsterdam Spanish Film Festival. Holland (May 2016).
Alicante Film Festival. Spain. Best Film, Best Scriptwriter and Best Actress. (June 2016).
15 Transilvania International Film Festival. Romania. Audience’s Choice Award (June 2016).
“Tenemos que ver” Festival. Uruguay. (June 2016).
Shanghai International Film Festival (June 2016).
Tarazona Comedy Film Festival. Spain. Audience’s Choice Award. (August 2016).
London Spanish Film Festival. (September 2016). Best Film.
Toulouse Spanish Film Festival. (October 2016). Audience’s Choice Award
Berlin Spanish Film Festival. Germany (October 2016)
Antalya International Film Festival (October 2016). Best Screenplay and Audience’s Choice Award.
Bogota Film Festival. (October 2016).
Tudela Opera Prima Festival. (November 2016) Equality & Young Audience’s Award.
Delhi International Film Festival (December 2016).
Göteborg Film Festival 2017 (January 2017).
Festival de Cine Sans Frontieres de Arcanchon. (February 2017).
Mons International Love Film Festival (February 2017).
Beloit International Film Festival (March 2017).
Pantalla Pinamar. Argentina (March 2016).
Tetuan Mediterranean Film Festival (March 2017).
¡Viva! Spanish & Latin American Festival. Manchester. England. (April 2016).

• “LA BODA”. Short film. Nominated in the XXVII Edition of the Goya Awards (2013) for Best Short Film. First Prize at the Elche Film Festival, Telemadrid Award and First Prize at the Badajoz Iberian Film Festival. Madrid. 2012.
– More than 80 awards in both national and international festivals. 2012.
XXVII edition of the Goya Awards (2013). Nominated to Best Short Film.
Badajoz Iberian Film Festival (Spain): Best Short Film and Best Actress.
Elche International Independent Film Festival (Spain): Best Short Film.
Short Film Week (Spain). Madrid Award & Telemadrid/La Otra Award for Best Short Film
DC Shorts Film Festival (USA) Audience’s Choice Award.
Cicle de Curtmetratges Agustí Comes (Spain). Best Short Film.
Cinefiesta – Puerto Rico International Short Film Festival (Puerto Rico). Audience’s Choice Award.
Short Film of the Year (Spain). Best fiction.
Parla en corto (Spain). Jury’s Award.
Uy (Colombia). Jury’s Special Mention.
Puerto Rico Short Film Festival (Puerto Rico). Audience’s Choice Award.
PNR Film Festival (Spain). Best fiction.

“CLASIFICADOS”. Feature film Screenwriter.

“MADRES, 0’15 EL MINUTO”. Documentary.
Biznaga de Plata “claiming women’s rights” in the 14th Edition of the Malaga Film Festival
Golden Remí Award at the Worldfest-Houston International Film Festival
Prix International du Documentaire et du Reportage Mediterraneen. 2011.
Malaga Spanish Film Festival (14ª ed.) Biznaga de Plata “claiming women’s rights”.
Primed – Prix international du documentaire et du reportage mediterraneen (France). Best Documentary Short Film.
Worldfest – Houston International Film & Video Festival (EEUU) Golden Remi Award.
Festival de cine Feito por mulleres (mufest) (Spain). Best Film.
International Film Festival “Autumn in Voronet” (Romania). Best Film.
Social Images – Latin American Short Film Festival (Argentina). Best Documentary.
International Documentary Film Festival Cronograf (Moldavia). Jury’s Special Mention.

• “EL CORTEJO”. Short Film. Selected at the XXV edition of the Goya Awards (2011).
First Prize at the Toronto Hispano Film Festival
Golden Beggar Award-International Festival of Local Televisions
First Prize at the Everett Women’s Film Festival
Preselected at the Goya Awards for Best Short Film (2011).
Worldfest – Houston International Film & Video Festival (USA). Gold Remi Award.
Toronto Hispano-American Film Festival (Canada). Best International Short Film.
Valpolicella Film Festival (Italy). Best direction, best screenplay and best actor.
Cortisonici Short Film Festival (Italy). Jury’s Special Mention.
Boadilla del Monte Short Film Contest (Spain). Best Short Film.
The Stepping Stone Film Festival (India). Best screenplay.
Tres Cantos Short Film Showcase (Spain). Best Short Film.
Cortogenial – Puente Genil Short Film Contest (Spain). First Prize for Best Short Film.
‘Risa y Oro’ Short Film Fornight (Spain). Short Film.
Wild Rose Independent Film Festival (United States). Best International Short Film.
Ciudad de Dos Hermanas Short Film Contest (Spain). Best Feature Short Film.
Casino Vilagarcia de Arousa Film Festival (Spain). Best Short Film.
Festicine – Dosquebradas Film Festival (Colombia). Best Short Film.
Brno Sixteen (Czech Republic). Silver medal for Best Professional Short Film.
Shortmoves Kurzfilmfestival Halle (Germany). Best Short Film.
“Corten” Film Festival – City of Calahorra (Spain). Audience’s Choice Award.
Rappahannock Independent Film Festival (USA). Best short film.
City of Chihuahua International Film Festival (Mexico). Best Short Film,
L’ecran Cevenol – Festival International du Film Video de Vebron (France). Jury’s Special Mention.

Elche International Independent Film Festival (Spain). Best Short Film.
Higuera en corto – Higuera de la Sierra Short Film Contest (Spain). Best Short Film.
Fecid – Ideas Film Festival (Chile). Best Short Film.
Tabernas de Cine Short Film Contest (Spain). Audience’s Choice Award.
Creando International Audio Visual Festival (Spain). Best short film, best direction, best actor, best original soundtrack y best editing.
Badajoz Iberian Film Festival (Spain). Best screenplay.
Amcppbocanegra Short Film Festival (Spain). Best short film.

Best screenplay and Best short film, Ciudad Real Film Festival. Madrid. 2009.
Astorga Film Festival. Best Short Film. Shot in Castilla y León.
Ciudad Real Film Festival: Best Screenplay and Best Short Film.
Medina del Campo Film Week. Special Award from the Short Film Projects Contest.