Lydia Cacho director and scriptwriter

Lydia Cacho


Journalist, writer, magazine editor, hostess and radio and TV director. Born in Mexico City.

She began her career between 1982 to 1984 as an assistant producer for Continental de Películas, working on American coproductions with Patrick Crowley, Roses, Yellowbeard, and on the preproduction of Dune. She also was an assistant producer for Frank Brill (Fisher & Brill productions) in LA, California.

Producer of two short films for Televisión Educativa y Cultural S.E.P under the direction of Jorge Fons and produced by Gerardo Tort.

Producer of commercials in collaboration with Gerardo Tort and René Goenaga for Alta Filme S.A de C.V.
Screenwriter, interviewer and camera operator for the short film Estas Mujeres en Acteal (1997).
Co-screenwriter and hostess for an episode from the TV series Experiencias Compartidas: visión de género (Cimac/ Televisión Pública 2000).

Producer, screenwriter and hostess for the TV show Esta Boca es Mia (1998/2003). Winner of more than 50 international awards for her journalistic research and children books. Author of 16 books translated in more than 23 countries.

Since 2008, she has worked in the development of screenplays for the adaptation of films and TV series.
Co-host with Gael García Bernal for Iconoclastas Latinoamérica Turner Glitz 2014.

Creator, director and hostess of the first season (5 episodes) of the miniseries Somos Valiente (2018/2019).

Original idea and screenplay for the documentary INDÓMITAS (2018)

Director, hostess and producer of Llegó La Hora, Telemundo special about the MeToo movement in Latin America and the US.

Author of two TV series bibles, currently in production in LA.

Producer and voice actor for the 10-episode podcast series Femicide in Mexico: The Red Note for Interactive Entertainment & Blue Guitar 2020.

Author and director of the film INFAMIA cowritten with Gabriela Jauregui.

Author of the original idea for the black comedy series Men in Trouble & Love 2021.

Author of two suspense and romance short film screenplays 2021.

Author of the romantic comedy screenplay for the original film Tres a la mar 2021.

Actors consultant for the development of characters about domestic and sexual violence.

Screenwriters consultant on male and female sexuality and characters development.

Expert on new narratives, Human Rights and gender.

Events and award ceremonies host, all of them related to journalism, literature, film and women’s rights.

UN Goodwill Ambassador against human trafficking and organised crime in Spain.

UN women Goodwill Ambassador for the Spotlight Initiative program both in English and Spanish.

Gucci council member and spokesperson for Chime For Change Education and freedom for girls, women and gender equality.

Winner of more than fifty international awards for her journalistic research and children books.
XXV Ones Mediterrania Awards (Tarragona, España 2019)
Diario 16 Award for the book #EllosHablan, best equality book.
Distinguished Leadership Award for the Defense of Human Rights Journalist, Writer and Human Rights Activists (Washington DC, 2017)
Cortes de Cádiz’s Latin American Equality Award (2017)
The Lincoln Brigades/Alba Puffin Award for Human Rights (2016)
GQ Journalist of the Year (2015)
CONAPRED Award. Leader against discrimination (2014)
Forbes Mexico’s Most Influential Women (2013)
Italy’s Ischia Award for Best International Human Rights Journalist (2013)
Member of the Order of the French Government (2013)
A Hundred Information Heroes. Reporters Without Borders (Paris, 2013)
Nicolás Salmerón Award (2013, received along with the Plaza de Mayo grandmothers).
Federal District Human Rights Comission Award to Bravery (2012)
Olof Palme Award (received along with Roberto Saviano) Sweden (2012) · Thomson Reuters Foundation Award to bravery in journalism (2012)
The Train Foundation World Courage Award (New York, 2012)
Regional Women’s Human Rights Award “Articulación Feminista”(2012)
Newsweek 150 Women Who Shake the World (2011)
UN office against drugs and crime (2011). International ambassador for the blue-ribbon campaign to eradicate sexual trafficking.
Hrant Dink Award (Turkey, 2011)
Women´s Link Award for gender and justice (2011)
Mexico’s Hermila Galindo Award (2011)
Pen Pinter Prize U.K (2010)
QUIEN 50 characters that shake Mexico (2010)
Manu Leguineche journalism award (Spain, 2010)
World Press International Hero (International Press Institute, Vienna, 2010)
One Humanity Award PEN Canada (2009)
Constantino Ruiz Carnero journalism award (Granada, Spain, 2009)
One Humanity Award PEN Canada (2009)
Premio Isonomia against domestic violence. Spain (2009)
The Wallemberg Medal, University of Michigan (2009)
Department Of State US. World Hero against Human Trafficking (2008)
UNESCO- Guillermo Cano Freedom of Expression Award (2008)
Casa América Catalunya Award (2008)
The Tucholsky Award (Suecia, 2008)
UNANIMA Human Rights Hero Prize (Vancouver, 2008)
Ginetta Sagan Award, Amnesty International (2007)
OXFAM Women’s Rights award (2007)
CNN Hero (2007)
Coatlicue Award to Women’s Human Rights (2007)
International Women Media Foundation award (2007)
National Mexico Journalism Award (2006)
Don Sergio Méndez Arceo Human Rights Award (2006)
‘Yo Dona’ International Journalism Award, Spain (2006)
Quintana Roo national human rights award (2006)
Francisco Ojeda Award to Journalistic Bravery (2006)
Quintana Roo national journalism award (2002)
Demac award for the novel “Amor por ti daría yo la vida”, Mexico (2000)