Iñaki Peñafiel director y guionista

Iñaki Peñafiel


Iñaki Peñafiel is a nationally and internationally renowned Spanish fiction director.

One of the fundamental pillars of his talent is the direction of actors, for which he has been recognised in the industry. Also to be highlighted is his narrative language, always close to the actor and interested in shadows and their emotional motors. His interest in pictorial composition, enveloping and atmospheric, makes everything he directs have a characteristic look.

With more than 25 years in the profession, he has directed more than 20 national and international Prime Time series. He has filmed in a multitude of countries, genres, periods and different contexts. Several of his series have remained at the top of various platforms and some series have shot up audiences on various private television channels. For example: El Tiempo entre Costuras (2013), La Cocinera de Castamar (2021) or Perdida (2019) among others.

Among his most personal projects, the documentary ¿Qué Tienes Debajo del Sombrero? (2006). A work where functional diversity and art communicate through its protagonist, Judith Scott. In this line, mention should be made of the short film Amigo no Gima (2004), for which he won more than 60 national and international awards and a nomination for the Goya Awards.

Before making the leap to fiction, it is worth mentioning his work as director and chief producer in the birth of the Canal + channel. A reference of innovation in the television world at the time, he worked in the departments of musicals, documentaries, culture and cinema.

IRIS”. Best fiction series for “El tiempo entre costuras”/ Best production for “El tiempo entre costuras”/ Best actress (Adriana Ugarte) for “El tiempo entre costuras”.
“ONDA AWARDS”. Best Spanish Series for “El tiempo entre costuras” / Best Female Performer (Adriana Ugarte) for “El tiempo entre costuras”.”
“FEROZ AWARDS”. Nomination for Best Actress (Marta Etura) for “La sonata del silencio”.
“GOYA”. Nomination for best fiction short film for “Amigo no gima”.
“MIM”. Award for best direction of miniseries for “El tiempo entre costuras” / Award for best miniseries for “La sonata del Silencio”.
“PRIX EUROPE AWARDS”. Nominated for best fiction for “La sonata del silencio”.
“EUROPEAN AWARDS”. Best Short Film Award for “Amigo no gima”.