Gabriela Tagliavini


Gabriela Tagliavini has directed seven feature films and has won several awards as best director at international film festivals. Two of the films she directed in Mexico were released and were number one at the box office in Mexico and the film she directed in Spain is the most watched Spanish movie on Netflix in 2019.

For her first feature film “The woman that every man wants“, Tagliavini was recognized as the best director and the film was selected in three film festivals including New York and the official festival selection in Munich, Germany and Mar del Plata, Argentina in 2001.

Her second film, “Lads Night” produced and distributed by Disney / Buena Vista, became the # 1 movie at the box office in Mexico in 2004, she won three awards on MTV and the Sony Soundtrack was Platinum in sales.

Her third feature film that she directed for Viacom/VH1/MTV company was “30 días hasta que sea famosa” and Madonna was the executive producer. For this film, Tagliavini was nominated as Best Director at the Alma Awards in USA.

Her fourth film “Sin hombres” starring Eva Longoria Christian Slater, Kate del Castillo, Oscar Nuñez, Maria Conchita Alonso y Paul Rodriguez. This film was distributed in 25 countries of the world.

Her fifth, “Border Run” starred Sharon Stone, Miguel Rodarte and Manolo Cardona. It premiered in USA, Germany, Japan, France and 15 other countries and had its premiere at the Festival in Guadalajara, México. It was nominated for best film of the year at the Imagen Awards.

Her sixth feature film, “Como cortar a tu patán” starring Christopher Uckermann, Mariana Treviño, Sebastián Zurita and Camila Sodi, premiered number one at the box office in Mexico in October 2017. For this film Gabriela was nominated as best director and best movie at the Image awards.

As a screenwriter, Gabriela Tagliavini completed the adaptation for the cinema of the bestseller “The Anatomist” for HBO Films and the classic film by Luis Buñuel “Belle de Jour”. In addition, she wrote two novels that were published, “Los Colores de la Memoria” and “Recuerdos de Milagros”.

Tagliavini holds a degree in Film Directing from the Higher School of Filmmaking and a Master’s Degree in Screenwriting from the American Film Institute (AFI) in Los Angeles.

In her career in television, she has directed pilots for Televisa, Argos and Telemundo. She worked for CNN as a show writer. She has won a prestigious award from ABC for directors, having the opportunity to be part of shows like “Hannah Montana” and “Desperate Housewives.” She has also directed a live show to 8 cameras that won her premiere on Comedy Central and directed Mike Tyson for AMBI Group. In 2019, she directed the pilot and three episodes of the serie “Claramente” for Clara video. She recently wrote a pilot for Amazon studios and she is writing another for MGM Studios.

Her new movie “A Pesar de Todo” starring Blanca Suárez, Amaia Salamanca, Belén Cuesta, Macarena García, Marisa Paredes, Carlos Bardem, Maxi Iglesias, Juan Diego and Rossy de Palma. It premiered worldwide in 190 countries in May 2019 and was the most watched movie of the year in Spain in Netflix.