Alberto Manzano director y guionista

Alberto Manzano


Currently working as a screenwriter on “ÉLITE” for Netflix, Alberto Manzano has an impressive track record in successful TV series. He co-created and wrote for “MAR DE PLÁSTICO” on Antena 3. He was also the script coordinator for “Tierra de Lobos” on Telecinco. Additionally, he has worked on “LA OTRA MIRADA” (TVE), “FÍSICA O QUÍMICA” (Antena 3), “LOS SERRANO” (Telecinco), “LOS NUESTROS” (Telecinco), “EL CHIRINGUITO DE PEPE” (Telecinco), and “EUSKOLEGAS” (ETB).

Beyond his work on existing series, Alberto Manzano has also taken on the role of creating and developing projects for various TV production companies. Notably, he has been involved with Boomerang TV from 2017 to 2021, as well as Multipark TV, Isla Audiovisual, Sr. Burns, and Cattleya Producciones.

His contributions to the television industry have been significant, and he continues to make a mark in the world of screenwriting and TV series development.