Juan Miguel del Castillo director y guionista

Juan Miguel del Castillo


Juan Miguel del Castillo is a filmmaker with a background in film direction from the Center for Cinematographic Studies of Catalonia (CECC Barcelona). His career has been marked by several notable works:

In 2015, he wrote and directed the feature film Techo y Comida, which received acclaim and won more than 30 awards, including several nominations at the Goya Awards, including Best New Director.

In 2018, he directed the television feature film El niño que pintaba el mar for Canal Sur TV. Between 2016 and 2019, he directed a series of docu-fiction projects for regional television stations, including El pacto de los estudiantes, La dama del cuadro, 4D el despertar del sueño andaluz, La tragedia de Biescas, and El secreto de Bélmez as part of the series Historias de leyenda for Canal Sur, TV3 Catalonia, TVG Galicia, Aragón TV, and RTP Asturias.

His latest feature film, La maniobra de la tortuga, a thriller produced by Aralán Films and A Contracorriente, was nominated for Best Spanish Film at the Festival de Málaga, further establishing his presence in the film industry. In 2022, he was honored with the Luz Award at the Huelva Film Festival, solidifying his position in the cinematic world.

Juan Miguel del Castillo’s recent work includes the successful series La red púrpura, the second season of La novia gitana, and an adaptation of the eponymous novel. He co-directed this series with Paco Cabezas for Atresmedia, and it premiered at the San Sebastián Film Festival.

– Nomination at the Malaga Festival: Golden Biznaga in the Official Selection. 2022.

“TECHO Y COMIDA”. 2015. 30 Awards won.

Goya Awards 2016
– Best actress Natalia de Molina.
– Best new director nomination.
– Best original song nomination.

Malaga Film Festival. 2015
– Silver Biznaga Audience Award.
– Biznaga de plata best actress for Natalia de Molina.

Forqué Awards
– Best Actress Natalia de Molina.

Asecan Awards
– Best Spanish film.
– Opera prima.
– Best new director.
– Best original screenplay.
– Best actress Natalia de Molina.
– Best original song.

CEC Medal
– Best Actress Natalia de Molina.

TVE Days of Cinema
– Best Actress Natalia de Molina.
– Audience Award.

Sant Jordi Award
– Best Actress Natalia de Molina.

Ourense Film Festival OUFF
– Best film.

Tudela Opera Prima Festival
– Special Jury Award.
– Equality Award.

– Young Jury Award, Young Trajectory and Special Jury Mention.

Cibra Festival
– Best Actress Natalia de Molina.

Turia Award
– Best first film.
– Best Leading Actress.

Cinema Castellar del Vallès
– Mostra Young Jury Award.

Second prize best feature film opera prima Almería.
ASFAAN Award for Juan Miguel del Castillo in XV Muestra de Cine Español Inédito in Jaén.
Medalla de la provincia de Cádiz – Bandera de Andalucía for the province of Cádiz and recognition for Igualdad Jerez.
Crédit Agricole Award at the Cinealma Festival: Best unpublished film.

“ROSARIO”. Shortfilm. 2005.
– Best National ShortFilm and RTVA Best Andalusian creation in Antequera Film Festival 2006.
– Best Cinematography and Best Actress in Festival Image Film Barcelona 2006.
– Best Shortfilm in Andalusian Youth Institute 2006.
– Best Actress in Carmona Film Festival 2006.
– Best Cinematography in Andalusian Contest of Punta Umbría Huelva 2006.
– Second award Best Shortfilm and Best Actress in International Film Festival Iran 2005.
– Best Spanish Director and Best Actress In Huesca Film Festival 2005.
– Jury award in International Solidatity Film Festival Of Navarcles Barcelona 2005.
– Best National Director in Girona Film Festival 2005.
– First award in Fernando Quiños National Contest Cádiz 2005.
– Best local Shortfilm in Shorts Contest Jerez de la Frontera 2005.

“EL REY DE LAS COSAS”. Shortfilm. 2002.
– Accésit VIII Certamen National Vídeo “Villa Errentería” 2003.
– First award in National Shortfilm Festival s Molletficció Barcelona 2002.
РBest Shortfilm of Cadiz in Fernando Qui̱ones contest 2002.
– Best local shortfilm in Audiovisual week in Jerez de la Frontera 2002.

“ESTA CAJA NO ES TONTA”. Shortfilm. 2001.
– Best local shortfilm in Audiovisual week in Jerez de la Frontera 2001.
– Best shortfilm in Rota contest Cadiz 2001.
– Best Andalusian shortfilm in Eurovideo Festival of Malaga 2001.
– Best Andalusian Production in Audiovisual creation contest Ciudad de Cabra Cordoba 2001.
– Best Direction and Best Actor in Andalusian videocontest in Ciudad de Punta Umbría Huelva 2001.
– Best screenplay in Molletficció national contest Barcelona 2001.
– Audience Award in Andalusian Luimiere Youth video contest Ciudad de Huetor Vega Granada 2001.