She borns in Granada, where her training begins at the International School of Theatre receiving acting lessons, body training, teachers and music hall with Alfredo Mantovani, Mayi Chambeaud and Gustavo Funes.

In 1996 she moved to Madrid and completed her training at the Laboratory Theatre William Layton, combining it with body classes and Arnold Taraborelli film role in the NIC.

Her first directing job was with Paco Vidal in the play “Gears” Raul Hernandez Garrido.

She has directed the plays: “Ladras o muerdes (You bark or bite)”, a female version of the movie “Reservoir Dogs”; “Desesperando (Despairing)”, texts by various authors; “Mal de amor televisivo (Evil Love TV)”, texts by various authors; “Futuro 10.0 (Future 10.0)”, texts by various authors; “Tú no princesa (You do not Princess)” by Olga Iglesias; “La bella y el monstruo (Beauty and the monster)”, by Ariel Capone and weekly drama series “Relaciones (Relationships)”.

And format micro-theater “Weigh surprise”, “Dating in pairs”, “Where have you been”, “Oscar and Virginia”, “In line at the bathroom”, “Magisterium 10.0”, “Work 10.0” “10.0 past “,” De Rodriguez “,” wedding Night ” (“Sopesa la sorpresa”, “Novios a pares”, “¿Donde te has metido”, “Oscar y Virginia”, “En la cola del baño”, “Magisterio 10.0″, “Trabajo 10.0″, “Pasado 10.0″, “De Rodríguez”, “Noche de bodas”), by Olga Iglesias; “Teenagers”, “Carachina”, “The moon can not be wrong”, “Reunion”, “My great night,” (“Teenagers”, “Carachina”, “La luna no puede estar equivocada”, “El reencuentro”, “Mi gran noche”), Alvaro Aranguez; “Murderers,” “Sex and 10.0”, “Two carnations”, “Mujeros”, (“Asesinos”, “Sexo 10.0″, “Dos claveles”, “Mujeros”), by Alvaro Tato; “Ten” (“Diez”) by Rodrigo Rodero; “18c 19d” Alejandro Melero; “Undressing me” (“Desnúdame”), by Javier Escalera; “Award of Excellence” (“Premio a la Excelencia”) by Elisa Ferrer.

As an actress she has participated in plays like “The kissing good” (“Los que besan bien”), by Álvaro Aránguez; “West Pier”, (“Muelle Oeste”), directed by Antonia Garcia; “Gears” (“Los Engranajes”), directed by Francisco Vidal, “To be or not to be” (“Ser o no Ser”), led by Esther Ortega, “Stabat Mater “and” Who has been?” ( “Stabat Mater” y “¿Quién ha sido”?), directed by Vanessa Navas and Pablo Huetos; and “Desert Rain”, with London-based “Blast theory”.

And micro-theater “Pulp, owl, snake” directed by Sonia Sebastian, “Windsor” directed by Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi. “Pasta al pesto” directed by Nacho Redondo, “Molotov asylum” (Asilo Molotov”), directed by Alberto Velasco and “Ponys” directed by David Planell.

In movies she has worked as an actress in “55 days in Metropolis”, by Ramon Bello; “Zsevernatze”, by Carlos Yuste and Paul Palazón; “That Spring”, by Daniel Cebrian; “Dagger of Rasputin”, by Jesus Bonilla and “Today I want to confess”, by Antonio Hernandez.