Bruna Matsin


“LEFT BEHIND”. Dir. Bruno Faria. Supporting role. Uk
“PLAYING OURSELVES”. Dir. Nicolas Alayo. Co-lead.
“THE TOWN THAT TIME FORGOT”. Dir. Shannon Thomson. Lead.
“ON THE FENCE”. Dir. Luciana Caplan. Supporting role.
“VIRTUALLY YOURS”. Dir. Andrea Lithner. Supporting role.
“IN SEARCH OF AN AUTHOR”. Dir. Alain L. Raymond. Supporting role.
“LIFE TRACKER”. Dir. Joe Mc Clean. Supporting role.
“HOW TO MAKE A DAVID LYNCH FILM”. Dir. Joe Mc Clean. Lead.
“THE FATAL OVERTHINK”. Dir. Jonh Ennis. Lead.
“SAM HELL”. Dir Michael Bayouth. Supporting role.
“THE ART OF ETIOLATION”. Dir. Mia Pascal. Supporting role.
“I AM A SEX ADDICT”. Dir. Caveh Zahedi. Supporting role.
“BOSTON LEGAL”. Dir. Dennis Smith. Co-star. ABC.

“DEATHTRAP”. The Little Theatre UK.
“BLOOD MONEY”. The Little Theatre UK.
“DELPHIN”. San Francisco Olympian Festival.
“PUSH”. Hollywood First Stage.
“AN ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE”. Culver City Public Theatre.
“THE KING OF KINDS”. Theatre Rhinoceros.
“RAIN CHECK”. Theatre Rhinoceros.
“TOP GIRLS”. Studio A.C.T.
“BETRAYAL”. Shelton Studios.

“HOW TO SLAY YOUR DRAGON”. Georgia role. The Listening Booth. UK.
“THE FAIRY & THE PRINCESS”. Aurora role. Twinz N’ Magic Productions.
“THE LOLLIPOP THIEF”. Female Newscasters. Twinz N’ Magic Productions.
“MR. BROOKS”. Marg Helfenberger (French Voice). Speakeasy Prods.
“BECOMING JANE”. Maggie Smith (French Voice). Marcland International.
“WAITRESS”. Laurie Johnson (French Voice). Speakeasy Prods.
“IN THE LAND OF WOMEN”. Olympia Dukakis (French Voice). Speakeasy Prods.
“DINAIR”. Instructor (French). Dinair Makeup Inc.
“ROUSSEAU, A DOCUMENTARY”. Philosophy Professors (French). Eduactional Films.
“LIFE OF MARY”. Various female characters. Global Prods.

FEUD. Official Promo. Susan Sarandon as Bette Davis. Spittin’ Image for FX. Kurt Iswarienko.
FEUD. Publicity art concept. Susan Sarandon as Bette Davis. Arsonal for FX. Sam Petlock.
MICROSOFT, DOCUSIGN. Female Executive. Michele Dennis.
WOMEN & BREASTS ART CAMPAIGN. Model. Emmanuelle Choussy.
L.A. LIFESTYLES. Egyptology Professor. Creative Content.
CEF. Business Woman. Peter Samuels. Getty Images.
CEF. Traveling Woman. Tim Pannell. Getty Images.

Best Supporting Actress Award winner for “PLAYING OURSELVES”. 2019 UTSIFF, FELLINI EDITION.

San Francisco American Conservatory Theater “A.C.T”
San Francisco Shelton Studios (USA)
British RP and Celtic accent/Dialects: Paul Gregory
Speech and Dialect: Pete Cross (USA)
Voice Over: Donna Dubain, Jennifer Welsh of Kalmenson and Kalmenson (USA).

Avid Swimmer (lap & sea)
Snow Skiing
Alto Voice
Professional VO Home Studio

Fluent French.
Conversational Russian (read and write)
Basic Hebrew
Basic Spanish
Foreign accents